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Titel: Cosmochemistry Papers Forum
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Cosmochemistry Papers Forum

Eine hervorragende Idee!   :super:


We live in the best time to do science – ever. Never before did we know so much about the world and the universe than we know today. New knowledge arrives every day and at an incredible pace. We are making it easy to oversee all the progress that is made each day in cosmochemistry, and aggregate all cosmochemistry related, peer-reviewed articles (GCA, EPSL, MAPS, ApJ, Nature, Science, you name it, we have it, see Journals). You are able to discuss and comment all articles hot of the press.
Titel: Re: Cosmochemistry Papers Forum
Beitrag von: karmaka am Juli 04, 2014, 21:00:54 Nachmittag
Liebe Freunde und Forumskollegen,

um die Zukunft der Website zu sichern, bitte ich euch um eine Lektüre des unten stehenden Beitrags von Dominik (, 4.7.2014).


The Future of Cosmochemistry Papers is Unknown

This site started in October 2013 as an experiment. Although never advertised except for an announcement on the MetSoc and the German Mineralogical Society mailing lists, the site is successful, but judge for yourself. The average stats are as follows:

Number of weekly abstracts posted: ~15-25  (total until today: 700 – congratulations to all who read all of them!)
Number of journals currently covered: 21

Monthly unique users: >300
Monthly views: ~2000

Weekly unique users: ~90
Weekly views: ~400

Daily unique users (weekdays): ~25
Daily views (weekdays): ~70-100

Users from Different countries per day: 8-10
Users from >50 countries visited the webpage at least once.

Weeks don’t add up to months and days don’t add up to weeks, as unique users are reported. Users visiting the webpage more than once a week are counted as one per week. In addition, 13 followers don’t visit the site, but get the posts via email. So these need to be added to the stats above.

I started this site as I wished for such a site myself. After almost 10 months, the site still is an experiment and its continuation is unclear. In any case, I just wanted to start it. For the moment, I will continue to update it for a couple more weeks. I will keep this post on top over the next week and would like to ask whether anyone else likes this page and would be interested in continuing it. I am happy to provide any further information to anyone who is interested in taking over. Please also indicate your interest, if you could imagine participating in this part time, in case a number of people would want to share the updating process. And please also keep in mind that this should be a longer time commitment.

However this turns out, it’s been a nice an interesting experiment in all its facets for about a year, and I enjoyed updating it during this time.

best,  Dominik