Autor Thema: 5000 Jahre alte Petroglyphe eines Meteors in Chifeng, Nordchina entdeckt  (Gelesen 3450 mal)

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5000 Jahre alte Petroglyphe eines Meteors in Chifeng, Nordchina entdeckt
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5000 Jahre alte Petroglyphe eines Meteors in Chifeng, Nordchina entdeckt

Eine 5000 Jahre alte neolithische Petroglyphe, die vermutlich einen Meteor zeigt, wurde
in der inneren Mongolei (Chifeng, Nordchina) entdeckt. Dies wurde beim '6th Hongshan Cultural Forum'


Zusatz: Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob es sich bei dem Bild oben tatsächlich um die Petroglyphen aus der Mongolei handelt, die in dem Bericht erwähnt werden, denn das Bild erschien im letzten Jahr (21.10.10) bereits hier:

Vielleicht dient das Bild nur als Illustration  :gruebel:



WASHINGTON August 27] reported that an archaeologist in Inner Mongolia, about 5,000 years ago prehistoric rock paintings. Piece of rock grinding stone in a magnet, including humans, Housing, and with a "tail" of the fireball and other symbols. Experts concluded that this is likely to be home of prehistoric meteorite landing scene.

According to Xinhua News Agency reported that archaeologists said recently in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region within Wengniute prehistoric rock paintings found in the aforementioned.

The discoverer of this piece of rock paintings, rock art researchers in Inner Mongolia Red Hill was a Wu pointed out that this piece of rock grinding stone in a magnet, and archaeological finds from the surrounding rock and grinding way to judge, appeared in rock paintings dating back about 5,000 years late Hongshan Culture .

Miss A was that the rock art carved quaint symbols 18, which has a similar body, dome house and carry the "tail" of the fireball and other symbols. He speculated that this show, "At night, the indigenous people of prehistoric hunting and go, about to walk into the dome house, when suddenly a ball of fire coming from the northeast sky."

Wu pointed out that only a few years ago in the same place, found a rock engraved with more than 30 symbols, show a similar picture: Seaman from the swamp Xieshen out lines like, pythons and adults and children running in the same direction, pretty birds chest and fled.

"They fled in the shape may be related to the meteorite landing devastating disaster." He believes that the rock above the reason for the disappearance of the Hongshan culture studies provide very valuable clues.


Inner Mongolia found a meteorite landing scene engraved prehistoric rock paintings

August 27, 2011 Source: Beijing art network

Inner Mongolia Chifeng College is at the Sixth Forum on the Hongshan culture, archeology experts, recently discovered in Chifeng City, the territory of a Wengniute prehistoric rock paintings, was recorded meteorite fall and led to a vivid picture of prehistoric human migration .

According to the discoverer of rock paintings, rock art expert in the study of Inner Mongolia Red Hill was introduced Wu A, this piece of rock grinding stone in a magnet, including the peculiar shape of the symbol 18, a human symbol, dome house and carry the "tail" of the fireball and so on.

Miss A was that the newly discovered piece of the meteorite flying rock direction and less time revealed. "Just as people go hunting, when the house is about to enter the dome, a ball of fire coming from the northeast sky, the time is night time."

Wu was a piece of rock art in the research behind the story, they think of a few years ago found that at the same place, more than 30 symbols carved rock: lower left side of Seaman from the swamp Xieshen out lines like, lower right side of the python with adults and children running in the same direction, left side of the chest and fled the birds ... ...

"They fled in a certain form of devastation with the meteorite landing." He said the findings for the analysis of prehistoric civilization Zhezhi have reached a considerable population - the reasons for the disappearance of the Hongshan Culture ancestors provided valuable material.

Miss A was added, these two rock clear, coherent symbols, with a table-shaped, expressive features, according to scientists at home and abroad language generally accepted view, can these two symbols on the rock as the initial text.

He said that according to archaeological finds and rock and grinding around the ways to determine which two visual pictograph rock art in the solvability of about 5,000 years ago the late Hongshan culture, not later than the age of ancient Egypt, the Indus Valley of the hieroglyphs and Sumerian cuneiform, and its discovery may be the oldest text of Chinese for thousands of years in advance.

(Editor: Su Fu Ying)  


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Lächle einfach - denn du kannst sie nicht alle töten

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Re: 5000 Jahre alte Petroglyphe eines Meteors in Chifeng, Nordchina entdeckt
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Ich vermute, dass es sich bei diesen Bildern auf dieser Seite um die alten Petroglyphen handelt: (29.8.2011)

Petroglyphen auf Fels:

Die reinen Zeichen:

automatisierte Übersetzung:

Secret West Liaohe River upstream engraved prehistoric rock art a big change memory

Photo / Miss A was

Dedicated to the discovery of the Hongshan culture experts and research scholars in the study of ancient environments Hongshan Culture period, production and lifestyle, jade, pottery making process at the same time, coincidentally the only encounter prehistoric civilization has reached a considerable population suddenly disappears puzzled questions. We are experts with this problem, over the years struggling to find clues to crack, but with little success.
Ten years ago we Daheishan tracing to inadvertently discovered a side hill with a strange symbol of rock paintings, the scene attracted everyone's attention. Internal and external evaluation of the line: Strangeness, never seen. Ten years later we vaguely taste, it is neither the first rock exaggerated freehand drawing, nor is it realistic picture of the Bronze Age, which is in between the text seems like figure with a memory of abstract symbols. In many Tacha, we also found a close relationship with the former rock block, after several comparison studies we
surprised to find two characters the text associated with rock paintings of indigenous people here recorded prehistoric Yici major change reasons.

First, the indigenous people's congress of prehistoric migration from Chifeng a meteorite landing
Subtitle is without historical records, but we are hard to find in the desert for over ten years, in Ziyaliezui magnet found on the Rock Hill, engraved in the rock where the ancestors of prehistoric civilization toward abandoning the reason it is rural. At first glance this inscription engraved on the rocks two non-art like painting, like the word non-word symbols, but a coherent looked him up and down the whole site, we have products out some of the flavor.
The initial solution of the symbol and its meaning
The secret character of the rock paintings in the text being
Magnet stone rock 18 text characters
Magnet stone rock 30 text characters

The two in a hill with a clear visual rock, a total of 48 Fu Wen, Wen Fu coherent from top to bottom, the text character painted in different positions, different states, there is a sense of space and time, the image of a dynamic Photos. Two rock art symbols appeared in three meteorites, two fell into the earth's creatures, because of its arrival, alerted all creatures here, tilt to the collapse of the house, knocked down or broken branches and fruit drop of the plant, four rocky ledge or down under the animal, who knocked down or stunned horror, people running
to the target alive ... .... All of a sudden, this loss of life was almost a disaster. These two rock clear, visible, coherent context, character, form the first image of the prehistoric cultural character.
Magnet stone and symbols associated with rock paintings expand the initial tracing (Figure collection)
Rock paintings have four points of concern :
First, the three dynamic human symbols, they should represent different gender, in different locations, run in the same direction, the target is the middle of a ring as the rocket body took the body of the two lines running things, the chart form, expressive performance very clear.

Second, this piece of rock art of the meteorite to show direction and approximate hour out of the fireball (meteorites) come from the days of the northeast, the direction is the day we know the direction of Leo. Fireball (meteorite) down the hour from the point of view we find the answer screen, where people hunt and go legitimate, will want to enter the dome house, visited a meteorite fell from the sky here, this time should be a sunset, when night falls.

Third, in addition to rock art symbols with different shapes and sizes the performance of earthly things, the more valuable is a prehistoric rock paintings show the indigenous people here expect a conviction, which they draw the strange sky objects and the gods to lead or take them away the carrier (see Figure). These two sets of objects rising pray for them to survive before the line or add infinite courage and strength. As a result, some people may be stayed from Mi. Another part of the hearts of people chase their goal to advance the distance.

Fourth, the whole mountain is not isolated each piece of rock that appears random 30 text characters to rock as the center, sets and Seaman pattern as Ze Xieshen from out East with adults and children under python running in

the same direction, and fled west on the birds chest and fled ... ... to see its shape with four 48 text characters in the performance of the meteorite landed on.

Second, the rock engraved symbol period and the nature of the text

Pictograph rock art engraved symbol period based on the measured, there are two:

First, the lithography method, and they are 8 degrees in the hard magnet stone, first with the point-chan engraving, after grinding method made ​​use of. After the trial period of bronze and iron weapon in the same degree of hard-magnet 8 point chan grinding stone, no matter how do all to no avail. This reminds us that this rock should be before the appearance of bronze. But we use 8 degrees magnet stone and agate carving no effect. What tools of prehistoric carving here first civilian grind, have not yet found the answer.

Second, symbolic shape dating, they range from the early Neolithic exaggerated freehand, to the notebook over to paint abstract symbolic stage, this period should be late to the Hongshan culture culture xiaoheyan early, circumstantial evidence of this period in addition to local data to explore archaeological reports, more importantly, the Longshan Culture period, the advent of the 17 pottery, domestic historians call it "prehistoric initial text." This period is the period of our culture here xiaoheyan. The Longshan culture area so far, has not been found to break

down the mountain coherent text characters only this one pottery. Hongshan Culture in the region we have found such a text character has ten rock as much as it can be said here about 5,000 years has become a relatively mature sequence of text characters.
Engraved on the rocks grinding events occurred at a time, or events to be later than the moment the system. If the incident carved grinding,

painting people may return to the refuge to flee to foreign land, perhaps the parties did not take the advent of future generations or disaster survivors, recorded here, breathtaking scene. It delivers a credible prehistoric information, that is, where the indigenous culture of our ancestors in the late xiaoheyan Hongshan culture has been created earlier and have mastered the initial text notes function symbols. As for how many text characters retained, in what way to stay set for the formation of the Chinese ideographic characters pave the way to do what, how far how long heritage, is currently seeking probe into, have been inconclusive.

Chinese experts in ancient writing Zhou Youguang President of the prehistoric three-phase nature of Chinese characters to determine: a table-shaped, ideographic, phonetic feature as a phase-type text. This must be understood according to type, here we already have a two table-shaped rock, expressive function, only the phonetic was how the ancients said, is not yet known. Foreign language scholars generally accepted view: the prehistoric three-phase type with two long been regarded as the initial text. So these two major Montenegro pictograph rock art visual solvable, it's not later than the 5500-4200 years of ancient Egyptian, Indian hieroglyphics and Sumerian cuneiform valley, it is possible to China 3400 years of Oracle as The earliest written thousands of years ahead of time.
Third, the rock paintings and archaeological finds of the evidence surrounding

Inner Mongolia desert rock art heritage is not stirred, although Wengniute prehistoric rock paintings discovered in late, but its role can not be underestimated. It can move with the underground cultural relics and cultural attributes of their years to determine, with mutual authentication role. Montenegro, there are a lot around the large prehistoric rock art sites in different periods, have been identified by experts in archeology Xinglongwa culture, ZHAO Bao shopping culture, Hongshan culture, xiaoheyan there are cultural sites, mining development at all levels of the museum to keep numerous, addition We also learned that a strange addition to the Hongshan Culture period Topaz "astronauts" (see Figure) from Rock Hill north 60 km magnet. (Hidden in the Aurora Museum, Taiwan)

During the bear-shaped pottery culture xiaoheyan care (see Figure) from the magnet 50 kilometers southwest of Rock Hill. (Terracotta color droop black bears are hidden in the tongue of the Hongshan Culture Research Hongshan Culture period Topaz "Sun God" ( Figure) (now hidden in the Aurora Museum, Taiwan)

Dan Shannan, 15 km from the magnet. Hongshan Culture period, c-shaped Huang Yulong from the northwest 65 km. Their shape is reflected in the looming rock being here. And they can find the appropriate coordinates.

100 km in the remote northern village found a meteorite weighing 60 kg, this material has been received by the Beijing Observatory show. The meteorite is not a late piece of the Hongshan culture, whether there is such a radius of 100 km meteorite, is not yet known.

Fourth, migrants in other regions of rock art left mark

America's indigenous peoples from Asia, which in physical anthropology, and received confirmation.

(New Mexico Acoma pottery village women selling pottery security in Indonesia)

(Wearing a pendant of the North American Indian man, he was wearing pendant shape with us here exactly the same unearthed prehistoric pendant)

However, cultural anthropology, a long time and did not find enough evidence, with the faces of the people rock art research, there has been a breakthrough. Harvard Museum of Natural History in the United States Rock Art Research Songyao Liang President, he in the United States, "World News" delivered a speech entitled "From China to North Americans face the mystery of rock art left Millennium Journey" article.

Vancouver, Canada, rock art experts, according to his bass Haier Pacific Northwest coast in the Indian rock art survey mentioned: "The rock art in our region, indeed some evidence to explain the existence of such a possibility that some rock art of tradition, derived from the Ancient Chinese civilization. This civilization had spread in the Pacific Rim. " Song Yaoliang After years of investigation, Mr. verification, and sketched out a spread to the surrounding rock Chifeng roadmap.

One is along the Inner Mongolia Plateau and the North, the Loop Plain edge line west from Chifeng, the Wolf, Yin, reaching Badan Jaran Desert. There is the inverse of the Yellow River and a line from Inner Mongolia, the Ningxia, Gansu Province, the two sides face the river valley in the mouth, leaving a number of sites. Another is from the south of Jiangsu Lianyungang Chifeng, arrive along the coast mountains of southern

Fujian and Taiwan. Is a continuous linear way, constitute the three major transmission belt.

Another, rock faces of the people of Northeast Asia to spread the northwest coast of the Americas, with engraved rock faces of the people of Chinese religious and cultural needs of prehistoric people, first by Chifeng, along Daxinganling Dong Lu, reach Heilongjiang; then out to sea, in the Aleutian Islands to island-hopping the way forward to the American continent. Boarded the American West Coast, the recovery of the producer in the rock face on the rock art tradition. Migrate south along the coast to northern California, the faces of the people all the way left-intensive rock art. Complete this process, probably have thousands of years.

In addition to surface as people, there are also other shapes of the rock art thus spread out, such as cylindrical in cross rock graphics in Siberia, has a footprint in North America.

This is perhaps the ancestors of Montenegro was a large meteorite attacks, anxious face of the earth, climate change, most of them were forced to flee their homes, moving to the east the sun rises.

Some people say that when the Bering Strait, the Pacific Rim can not be disconnected and have previous riding land line, but the ocean marine experts to provide us with a message, the Bering Strait land two separated form suitable for boats from the west to the Eastern's 10-12 road water circulation speed, which makes the large migration of inhabitants of Montenegro and the surrounding little boat ride down the river

made ​​drifted into North America became possible.

Red Hill's departure is antecedent, there is no reason they can not be destructive to survive, they will not leave this land, and they spread away from home, again brought the rock art there.

To note here are: the generation of rock art is not original, there are also outside the local, rock group to the formation of local, but also the collision between different ethnic groups, integration, exchange, learn from the next generation. Properties of rock with a reason why the local culture in a foreign country settled, that our ancestors did here, arrived there.

This article has been in China in 2011. Chifeng Hongshan Culture Summit Sixth General Assembly speech communication



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Re: 5000 Jahre alte Petroglyphe eines Meteors in Chifeng, Nordchina entdeckt
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Die obige Seite noch einmal mit der direkten Übersetzung (zur einfacheren Lektüre):

in Englisch:

in Deutsch:

Eine weitere Seite vom 16.7.2010 zum Thema:

in Englisch:

in Deutsch:

Wie plausibel erscheinen euch denn die präsentierten Deutungen der Symbole?

Die Machinen-Übersetzungen machen einem das Verständnis ja nicht gerade leicht, aber seien wir froh, dass wir sie haben.  :smile:

Viele Grüße


PS: Die Übersetzungen ins Englische gibt es hier vor allem deshalb, weil die Google-Übersetzungen ins Deutsche oft syntaktisch viel schlechter sind und so das Verständnis oft noch schwerer machen.
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