Autor Thema: Friend and foe! - Jupiter als 'Schirmherr' und 'Asteroidenschleuder'  (Gelesen 609 mal)

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Friend and foe? - Jupiter als 'Schirmherr' und 'Asteroidenschleuder'
Jupiter’s role seems confused. It definitely sends asteroids and comets our way and, in any given year, more than 90 percent of all objects crossing Earth’s orbit are asteroids, so the protection Jupiter provides us from long period comets, or by eventually removing short period comets, is of lesser importance. Hence Jupiter is not the friend that it has been perceived to be. However, things could be far worse: were Jupiter to have a mere 20 percent of its mass, the impact rate would skyrocket.

Wie auch immer, heute Abend ist er der Venus im Westen ganz nah.
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