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Gestohlene Meteorite!
« am: März 12, 2013, 18:17:06 Nachmittag »
Guten Abend,

Bruno & Carine Fectay sind in Tucson große Mengen an Meteoriten entwendet worden, darunter auch einige Hauptmassen.
Jenen Aufruf haben Sie heute auf der US-Liste herausgegeben
und mich gebeten hier in diesem Forum zu veröffentlichen.
Darin befindet sich ein Link zu einer Liste der gestohlenen Stücke.
Die polizeilichen Ermittlungen sind noch im Gange.
Einige der Stücke werden derzeit im Ebay angeboten. Also bitte Finger weg davon!


"Dear list Members,

it is with consternation that we annouce you that we have been victims of extortion at the beginning of the Tucson show and finaly totaly robbed at the end of the Tucson show.

Fortunatly the criminals have been iddentified and one have admited that he has the material. For security and procedure raison we will not disclose their names at that time nor the circumstances, we can just tell you that two are Americans and one is Morrocan.

We and the Police have enough evidences and witnesses, that will lead the criminal team to be punished by the full power of the Law.

We offered them to give back the material and we would not press charges, but it seems that they are not cooperating.
The French Police will involve FBI and INTERPOL in the next days as they don't return our inventory intact and at no cost NOW.

Here is a rapid list of what have been stolen and extorqued:

this list is still partial as we are working on it, there are many fossils too.

Many of you know that these specimens are our and saw them in our room or on our web site for years, please have a close look on that list, some specimens might be already for sell somewhere.

We ask any Dealer, Collector or Curator to be very carefull.

If you have been proposed any suspicious specimens, please report it to us or Eric Twelker off list.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Best from France,

Bruno & Carine
La Memoire de la Terre
The Earth's Memory
"If any of you cry at my funeral,
I'll never speak to you again."
(S.Laurel 1890-1965)


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