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Ein interessanter Vortrag von Ben Weiss, der aktuelle Theorien über die Beziehungen zwischen den verschiedenen Meteoritenklassen erläutert:

CfA Colloquium - Ben Weiss, November 21, 2013

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Differentiated Planetesimals and the Parent Bodies of Meteorites


Meteorites are samples of dozens of small planetary bodies that formed in the early solar system. They exhibit great petrologic diversity, ranging from primordial accretional aggregates to once fully molten magmas. It has long been thought that no single parent body could be the source of more than one of these three meteorite lithologies. Our magnetic measurements of meteorites, combined with a diversity of other observations, suggest that some chondrites could in fact be samples of the outer, unmelted crusts of otherwise differentiated planetesimals with silicate mantles and metallic cores. This may have major implications for the origin of meteorite groups, the rates and onset times of accretion, mass and momentum transfer in the protoplanetary disk, and the interior structures and histories of asteroids.
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