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kam so über die IMO-Liste:
At the "Meteoroids 2013" Shinsuke Abe reported on the orbital similarity between the Chelyabinsk meteoroid and two other objects, the NEO 2011 EH and a fireball observed on 1966 October 8.284. The orbital elements of the Chelyabinsk meteoroid are based on the data given in CBAT 3243 (Jiři Borovická, Pavel Spurný, and Lukáš Shrbený).
If there are further objects in similar orbits, these may possibly approach the Earth's orbit at two nodes. The respective dates are February 15.1 (radiant position RA=335 deg, De=-1 deg) and September 26.5 (radiant at RA=357 deg, De=-9 deg). The geocentric velocity is very low (13 km/s). With this message we want to draw the observers' attention to a possible meteor activity.
Jürgen Rendtel, Shinsuke Abe
Dr. Jürgen Rendtel
International Meteor Organization (IMO)

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