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K-Pg (früher K-T ) Horizont jetzt auch in Bayern
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Re: K-Pg (früher K-T ) Horizont jetzt auch in Bayern
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Etwas zur Vorgeschichte der Bayrischen K-T Grenze :

The K/T boundary of Gams (Eastern Alps,
Austria) and the nature of terminal
Cretaceous mass extinction
Andrei F. Grachev
Auszug Kapitel 1.

“First indications on Paleogene in the Gosau Group
were given by K¨uhn [1930]. He deduced a Danian age
(considered as terminal Cretaceous at that time) of the
Zwieselalm Formation which forms the top of the sequence.
Micropalaeontological studies in the Basin of
Gosau by Ganns, Knipscheer [1954], K¨upper [1956], and
on Gams byWicher [1956], gave a more comprehensive
picture of Paleogene deposits. By applying planktonic
foraminifera in a large scale, this was confirmed later
by Herm [1962]
, and Hillebrandt [1962], for the Lattengebirge
(Bavaria), Kollmann [1963, 1964], for the Gams
area and by Wille-Janoschek [1996], for the western part
of the Gosau area.
Stimulated by the world-wide discussion initiated
by Alvarez et al. [1980], the nature of the K/T boundary
was investigated in the Gosau Group in greater
detail. There are three Gosau Basins where the K/T
boundary transition layer has been traced. From the
name-giving Basin of Gosau, which extends over the
boundaries of the Austrian provinces Upper Austria
and Salzburg, two sections have been described: the
Elendgraben close to the village of Rußbach [Preisinger
et al., 1986] and the Rotwandgraben [Peryt et al., 1993].
Herm and others, provided a micro- and nannostratigraphical
frame for the K/T boundary layers of the
Wasserfallgraben in the Lattengebirge (Bavarian Alps).
A study by Graup, Spettel, [1989], revealed three iridium
peaks in this section, of which one is located 16 cm
below the K/T boundary.

The third Gosau basin is that of Gams which is the
subject of this monograph. Lahodynsky [1988a, 1988b],
has provided a detailed lithological section through the
K/T boundary of the Knappengraben (Gams 1 in this
monograph) which he had excavated together with H.
Stradner in 1986. Stradner, R¨ogl [1988], reported about
the microfauna and nannoflora of this section and emphasized
the completeness of the stratigraphical record.”

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