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Sentinel Space Telescope
« am: Januar 18, 2013, 21:15:55 Nachmittag »
The Sentinel B612 Telescope - Finding Asteroids Before They Find Us

Vortrag vom 15.1.2013

We know how to deflect asteroids, but our technology is useless if we do not scan the skies to look for asteroids to know well in advance if one is on a collision course with Earth.  The Sentinel Space Telescope, the first privately supported deep space mission, is designed to do just that and to enable humanity to protect our planet from future asteroid impacts.   Sentinel is an infrared space telescope to be placed into solar orbit in 2017 from where it will find and track asteroids that threaten Earth.  It will discover more asteroids each month than the total discovered by all other telescopes combined up until the present.   In addition to becoming one of the humanity's great scientific instruments, Sentinel will be unique in that its main purpose is actually to protect the Earth.

Sentinel Space Telescope:

B612 Foundation:


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