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Der 'spinel approach'
« am: September 12, 2013, 15:33:56 Nachmittag »
Der 'spinel approach'

Meteorite Minerals Hint at Earth Extinctions, Climate Change


The tiny minerals called spinels — about the size of a sand grain — can survive the harshest weather and chemical changes on Earth’s surface. Swedish researchers hope to collect enough of the spinels in different parts of the world to connect the dots between the breakup of huge asteroids in space and certain extinction or climate events during Earth’s history.  [...] Building a record of Earth’s history through extraterrestrial spinels still represents a fairly new idea, despite scientists having known about spinels for several decades. [...] “This is certainly a very useful approach to study the extraterrestrial record of ordinary chondrites in sediments,” Heck said. “This approach needs now to be applied to different types of meteorites.”


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